The Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium can host your event!

Did you know the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium has the perfect space to host your event? With Tiger Lane, the Pipkin Building, the Creative Arts Building, and over 145 acres of paved and non-paved space, the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium hosts all types of events. More than just a football stadium, our venue has hosted festivals and concerts, weddings and bar mitzvahs, and even Roller Derby and races! Check out our gallery to see photos of our rooms and spaces for your next event!


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Logistical Information

Stadium Field Level Rooms

North End Zone
Visiting Team Locker Room

  • 2,220 sq. ft. space with 100 lockers
  • Dedicated shower and restroom facilities
  • Training room and separate coaches dressing room with individual shower and restroom

Green Room

  • 25’x14’ with couches, TV, single-wide cooler and vanity
  • Separate restroom and shower

Officials Locker Room

  • 22’x19’ with single-wide cooler and vanity
  • Separate restroom and shower

South End Zone
Home Team Locker Room

  • 3,540 sq. ft. space with 105 lockers
  • Dedicated shower and restroom facilities
  • Training Room and separate coaches dressing room with individual shower and restroom

Blue Room

  • 40’x27’
  • No shower facilities, but nearby restroom in connecting hallway

Electrical – Show Power
Stadium has show power located at the 50-yard line on the east and west sidelines, with the service load capacities:
• West Sideline: 200-amp, 3-phase, 208v/120
• East Sideline: 200-amp, 3-phase, 208v/120
Additionally, Tiger Lane has a 100-amp service located 100’ from the fountain area.
It is recommended that shows be prepared to provide adequate generator power in supplement of the house show power listed.

Entry Ramps/Field Access
The Stadium does not possess loading docks but does have entry ramps on the north and side end of the field. The north tunnel ramp is a 300’ push to the field and the south tunnel ramp is a 200’ push to the field.

The Stadium owns two (2) 5,000 lb. capacity forklifts that are available for use. They are propane fueled with a lift height of 15’.

Emergency Equipment
Fire sprinklers, smoke sensors and fire extinguishers are located throughout the Stadium and office areas. Stadium fire control system and emergency systems (lights, PA, etc.) have back-up diesel generators.

The Stadium is outfitted with a single channel Clear Com system. There are wireless belt packs and headsets available for use but must be checked out through the Stadium Office and returned at the end of the event.

Concourse and field sport lighting are controlled by a central computer. Field sport lights are non-dimmable.

Locks and Keys
Locker/dressing rooms may be secured with keys. Keys for each room may be checked out through the Stadium Office.
All persons who sign out keys will be responsible for return of the keys at the conclusion of the event.

A City of Memphis permit is required for any and all pyrotechnics used in the building or anywhere on the premises. There will be a designated room used for storing pyrotechnics. Building will supply fire extinguishers at the show’s expense. Tennessee law requires that a licensed pyrotechnic technician (shooter) must be present whenever pyrotechnics are used at the Stadium.

The Stadium has a state-of-the-art, 5,900 sq. ft. scoreboard located in the south end zone. The videoboard has accessories to accommodate video playback, sponsorship messaging and a variety of sports scoreboard configurations.

Television/Video System
The Stadium is equipped with an in-house TV/video system. TVs are located throughout the Stadium concourse, premium
areas and media working areas.

First Aid
First Aid is located by Gate 4, near section 101. First aid kits are available throughout the building.

The Stadium has a manifested fixed seating capacity of 57,053. The Stadium also possess half-house and theatre configurations for a more intimate atmosphere.
Field level seating capacity will be coordinated and determined with the promoter based on stage configuration and show requirements. Capacities for other Fairgrounds facilities and spaces are available upon request to Stadium Management.

The Stadium general fixed seating is a combination of plastic chairbacks and bleachers. The lower 5,050 seats on the east and west sidelines are plastic molded backs and bottoms. The remaining seats throughout the Stadium bowl are bleachers. Disabled & Companion seating are located on the ADA platforms located on row 24 and 64.

General Admission
General Admission or “festival” seating is permitted only with Stadium Management approval. Most Fairgrounds facilities and spaces are General Admission events, and confirmation of maximum capacity will be communicated with the licensee during the contracting period.

Booking Policies

Questions regarding booking an event at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and Fairgrounds should be directed to Thomas Carrier, General Manager at 901-729-4071 or

All decisions about dates will be made in the context of all Stadium events. In order to hold a date(s), the licensee must indicate the exact name of the act/event involved. Substitution of acts/events for a date(s) voids the hold request. Upon conversations with potential clients either via phone or email, Stadium Management grant hold requests based on a first come, first serve basis (1-hold, 2-hold) for facility/space and date(s). If the conversation and hold request is via phone, Stadium management will follow up with an email confirmation of the hold granting.

General Rule
Holds do not guarantee events; license agreements must be signed and non-refundable deposits paid before confirming an event. This is a multi-facility/space property and Stadium Management does reserve the right to book concurrent events on the same date, but an event organizer does have the right to hold (and thus pay for) additional facilities/spaces.
In the process of scheduling dates, the following terms and definitions shall apply to scheduling commitments:

Priority Booking
All dates from the last weekend of August to the second weekend of December are 1-holds for potential UM football games (to include all of our facility and space rental options) and UM contracted events (i.e., Bandmasters, Spring Game and NCAA recruiting weekends). The second weekend of September is a 1-hold for the Southern Heritage Classic, and the ten days after Christmas is a 1-hold for the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

Contracted Priority
Stadium’s annual contract with Memphis Flea Market gives them the first right for every third weekend of the month in the Pipkin Building for the year (with a 2-hold for fall weekend dates to UM football). Multi-year contracted events are given the option to choose the future date(s) in their terms of the contract.

Tentative Holds
Requests for tentative date(s) can be made twelve (12) months from the event. Requests are granted on a first come, first serve basis. Stadium Management will contact the potential licensee sixty (60) days from the tentative date(s) and if there is no intention to contract for that tentative date(s) then Stadium Management will release the date.

Potential licensees shall not assign or transfer any right or interest in tentative hold dates, including without limitation, the right to receive any payment without Management’s approval of such assignment. Any such assignment without approval of Management shall be null and void.

When a license agreement is fully executed and the appropriate non-refundable deposit is received, tentative dates then receive the status of confirmed.

Facility and date(s) reserved on a second hold are held pending execution of a license agreement or the release of the 1-hold dates. In the event the 1-hold dates are released, 2-hold dates receive 1-hold status upon notification to the second party.

If a potential licensee makes a request for a tentative date being held by another party, they will be given a 2-hold. If the party requesting the 2-hold wants to challenge the date(s), Stadium Management will give the 1-hold possessor written notice of the challenge and the 1-hold possessor will have one (1) business week to make a non-refundable deposit pursuant to the deposit schedule. Upon payment of the non-refundable deposit, the 1-hold possessor will be granted the date and will have one (1) business week from the date of receipt of the non-refundable deposit to sign and return a license agreement. If the executed license agreement is not received by the Stadium within one (1) business week, the date will then be made available to the 2-hold possessor. The 2-hold possessor will have one (1) business week from receipt of written notice or the availability of the date to return a signed license agreement and make a non-refundable deposit pursuant to the deposit schedule.

First priority event holds may not be challenged by lower priority events. When a license agreement is fully executed and the appropriate non-refundable deposit is received, the date is now confirmed and is no longer subject to a challenge.

Hold Sequences
When two (2) potential licensees are vying for the same act, the promoter who signs the act receives the license agreement for the date(s) regardless of the hold sequence.

The dates are considered confirmed only upon execution of a Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium Licensee Agreement specifying all details of the commitment (including receipt of appropriate deposit) by the event sponsor/promoter and the Stadium’s General Manager.

Upon preparation of the license agreement, that document will be delivered (either via mail or email) to the event sponsor/promoter. From the date the document (mail or email), the Stadium will continue holding the date(s) without a properly executed license agreement for one (1) business week. If the executed license agreement is not returned within this time limit, the Stadium may contract with other parties for the use of the building on the same date(s), with notification to the potential licensee. The original license agreement must be signed and returned to the Stadium with the required non-refundable deposit. The Stadium General Manager will then sign and return one fully executed license agreement to the licensee (either via mail or email).

The properly executed license agreements, non-refundable deposits and insurance certifications must be in the office of Stadium Management thirty (30) days prior to the event or the Stadium reserves the sole exclusive right to cancel the event. Persons booking events less than thirty (30) days out must provide the aforementioned materials upon the booking date.

No variance from the Stadium’s license agreement may be made in any case except upon prior written approval of the Stadium General Manager. All requests for changes to the contract must be received at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event.

Rental Rates and Conditions

Facility Rental Fee
Spectra has the flexibility to offer rental fee plus expenses deals or flat all-inclusive deals. Stadium management reserves the right to determine type of rental fee based on the nature of the event. First time prospective clients are asked to complete a rental application-for-use form which includes details of the proposed event and business history of the promoter. Approval for event bookings may be subject to the City of Memphis. Submittal of a rental application-for-use form does not guarantee that the event will be booked or dates held. Spectra will consider the following when evaluating usage requests:

1) The income potential to the venue from the event.
2) The economic impact on the community.
3) The development of repeat business.
4) The reputation of Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and Fairgrounds as a venue for quality event programming.
5) The risk and liability for Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and Fairgrounds, and the public.
6) The ability of the promoter/presenter to successfully finance and produce the event.
7) The balancing of programming presented to the public.

1) Per day rates are for activities between 8:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m.
2) All renters must utilize the Stadium’s Food Service and Guest Services providers, unless specifically expressed by Stadium Management.
3) Stadium ticketing provider is available for use, but renter may carry own ticketing agreement and responsible for all fees, taxes, etc.
4) Renter is responsible for all proper Insurance coverage, Licenses, Permits, Taxes and Fees.
5) A Facility Fee of $2.00 per paid ticket applies to all ticketed events unless specifically expressed by management.
6) Before a requested date is confirmed, Spectra must receive a completed and approved application-for-use form, the required non-refundable deposit and a fully executed license agreement.
7) At the conclusion of the event, the renter will be responsible for settling all outstanding facility expenses. The renter will be presented with all available documentation of expenses to include, but not be limited to: rental balance, ticketing expenses (if applicable), labor expenses, equipment rental, taxes and catering expenses.

Rental Rates Include:
1) Use of requested facility or space
2) Available utility services in facility or space
3) Available storage in facility or space during event

Equipment and Service Rates
Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and Fairgrounds provides a full range of event equipment and personnel including ushers, ticket-takers, security, custodial, operations and technical support. Rate cards are available upon request to Stadium Management.

Facility Rental Fee Structure
If the deal is a rent, plus expenses arrangement then the Stadium does require an event supervisor and post-clean service as mandatory additional expenses payable by Licensee to Licensor. All other expenses are based on client needs to support the event and life safety requirements. If the deal is a flat all- inclusive rent, then all services to support the event and maintain life safety are included.

Liability Insurance
Licensee shall obtain, at its own cost and expense, commercial general liability insurance in the name of Licensee that names Global Spectrum, LP and the City of Memphis as additional insured. Such insurance shall be written with a limit of at least Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00) combined single limit for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury.
A certificate of insurance from a company acceptable to the Stadium must be received not later than thirty (30) days prior to the event date.

Licensee shall also maintain, at its own cost and expense, workers’ compensation insurance in respect of all employees, players, performers and any borrowed, leased or other person to whom such compensation may be payable by Licensee, including Employers Liability coverage with limits of $500,000/$500,000/$500,000.

Freight Deliveries and Crate Storage
The Stadium will not accept advance freight shipments for exhibitors or tenants, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Tennessee Sales Tax is 9.25%.

Decorations are not permitted on ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, fabric, portable folding partitions, decorative wall or fire sprinklers. All decorative materials must be flameproof in accordance with the City of Memphis and Stadium regulations. No helium balloons, adhesive backed decals, signs, etc. are permitted to be given out on the premises.

Box Office/Ticketing
The licensee is permitted to bring in their own ticketing provider and is responsible for all fees and taxes. LBMS does have four (4) box office locations around the venue, that are available for use on the event day(s). If the main Stadium ticket office is requested for advance sales, all cost for operating advance ticket sales are the licensee’s expense. Utilization of the Stadium’s ticket network for scanning tickets does require a $2,000.00 fee for activation. If licensee chooses to use Stadium’s ticketing provider, all fees apply.

Box Office Rates and Regulations
1) Stadium management will ensure that the ticketing provider has the appropriate ticket manifest to properly operate and service customers.
2) LBMS requires a $2.00 facility fee per paid ticket to be included in the price of each ticket. This covers the costs associated with funding the maintenance and upkeep to the facility.
3) All federal regulations for compliance with ADA must be followed by the ticketing provider. Stadium management reserves the rights to ensure the ticketing provider is following all necessary ADA regulations for the event.

The ticketing provider will provide a box office statement/ticketing audit and settlement of all monies owed upon closing the Box Office for the final performance.

Event Requirements and Staffing
LBMS will provide all event-related staffing and licensee will be charged for those services, either as a flat, all-inclusive rent or rent, plus expenses arrangement. The Stadium must maintain life safety and industry best practices in operating the venue and managing the event. Stadium reserves the right to provide sufficient staffing to uphold these standards. The Stadium maintains a specific level of security (staffing and admittance standards) for year-around operation of events, and if licensee request additional security or enhanced security measures that may constitute an additional expense payable by the licensee. All event requirements must be coordinated with and approved by LBMS at least one (1) business week prior to the event. If an event is cancelled for any reason other than an act of God, a refund will not be made.

Food and Beverage
All food, beverage, concessions and catering are operated and controlled by the Stadium. For specific type of events, like food festivals, exceptions can be made by Stadium Management. Such exceptions may constitute an additional Food & Beverage buyout fee for these rights. The Stadium maintains at all times the beer and liquor license for the venue.

Catering is also available through the Stadium. A Catering buyout of $1,000 is available upon request and approval by Stadium Management.

The Stadium grants the licensee all rights to programs, novelties, t-shirts, souvenirs, etc., (“merchandise”) sales. If the Stadium is requested to sell merchandise for the event, all service fees would apply. Stadium’s merchandise party would negotiate the service fees to operate stand locations with the licensee.

Licensee is granted the rights to sell and retain all sponsorship revenues sold directly for the event. No event sponsorships sold by licensee may conflict with Stadium sponsorship exclusivities. Stadium will provide a list of sponsorship exclusivities upon request, and they will be listed in the license agreement. Additionally, promotion and advertising of event sponsors at the Stadium is permitted during the event. Use of the Stadium’s videoboard and digital marketing assets is permitted, and all costs associated with the operation and presentation on the videoboard and digital assets is an expense payable by licensee. No marketing materials, banners, etc. may cover existing stadium fixed signage.

Stadium Logo
Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and Fairgrounds logo must be used in all materials used to promote events. The logo must be displayed at the bottom of newspaper ads, brochures, billboards, television spots and any and all other forms of advertising and promotions.


More information on renting lots, buildings and spaces at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium can be found in the LBMS Venue Information Packet, and our Venues and Spaces page.

LBMS Promoter Packet – PDF

Tiger Lane Setup

Stadium End Stage 180 Setup

Stadium Amphitheatre Setup

Purple Lot Setup

Stadium Concert Setup

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